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Dear Linda, 

Standing at an important crossroads in life can be as daunting and confusing as it is exciting and motivating.  Defining goals, developing clear objectives, and adhering to a system for achieving results is absolutely crucial.That is why I am so thoroughly pleased to have engaged you… to help me deliver on the next big thing in my career. You listened to me.  You empowered me to shape my direction.  You helped me create and execute my own personal marketing campaign. One of the aspects of my experience… that I found so compelling was the system... to achieve the campaign goals.  It is a clear, step-by-step process that instills discipline and measurable success at every threshold.Today, I have a thriving company with more business than I know what to do with.  Most importantly, I have a concise view of my career and how it connects to the other valued aspects of my life.  What (you have) given me is a holistic way of managing my life at the strategic and tactical levels. Thank you, from your client for life.
Sincerely yours, Chris C.
President and Chief Marketing Officer, Florida

Dear Linda,

First, let me begin by saying thank you.  Not only did you prove to be an invaluable Career Coach, but you were also a mentor, friend and confidant during what was a very difficult period in my professional life.  After having spent almost 25 years in the workforce I had finally “made it”.  I had a great job and was making good money in an interesting industry.  Between industry regulation, a difficult financial environment and the sale of a company I found myself out of work for the first time in my life.   I felt the way I’m sure a lot of your clients feel, “how could this have happened to me”. Well, all I needed to do was put together a resume and go out and find a job the way I did it nearly15 years ago; and I was going to do it on my own.  How was someone who didn’t know me going to be able to help me market myself better than I could do it on my own?   I couldn’t have been more wrong!  Linda has a program that works, but it’s not because she knows the correct steps to take in a job search.  Linda’s program works because of Linda!  She pours all of her energy, focus and attention into you.  While I knew she had other clients, I felt as though I was the only one, or at least her most important one.  I think she was as happy as I was when I finally landed a full-time position. Believe me, I too wrestled with trying to justify the cost of the program with no steady income.  It wasn’t easy, but I’m so glad I decided that my career was worth it.  There is no magic bullet out there; looking for a job is hard work at a very stressful time in your life, but having Linda as a Career Coach kept the process focused and positive.  She was well prepared for our meetings, had a specific agenda and made each session time well spent.  My one big regret was that I spent the first six months thinking I could do it myself. I was finally convinced to make the move and sign up after I attended several of her executive networking meetings.  She is extremely professional and genuinely cares about her networking contacts.   Don’t believe me? check out one of her meetings for yourself.  If that doesn’t convince you and you still need a reference, please call me so you can hear the enthusiasm and excitement in my voice as I give her my highest recommendation. Sincerely,
Senior Vice President and CFO, CT