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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking down your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.
— Mark Twain

Back to School Signals Back to the Hunt for Job Seekers


Summer is a time when many people relax and go on adventures. Kids may be out of school, the weather is warm and inviting, and there are a lot of places open during the summer that aren’t open other times of year.  As summer comes to an end, the kids go back to school and it’s time for job seekers to go back on the job hunt.


The end of summer is a good time to job hunt for a few different reasons.  Some types of companies hire seasonal workers during the summer because it is their busy season. At the end of the summer, when those seasonal workers go back to school, companies assess their most recent selling season and see if they need to make any changes.  Most companies aren’t going to make any drastic changes at the beginning of a busy season like summer or the holidays. The lull between these two is a good time for companies to make executive changes to give time for training and then a solid busy season to test a new comer’s skill. Flex jobs notes that fall is a productive time for companies. Companies have reported that they see a 43% productivity increase in the fall and up to 30% in the winter. Hiring key employees at the end of summer can be critical to this productivity increase.

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What Clients are Saying:

"I'm so glad I decided that my career was worth it. Looking for a job is hard work at a very stressful time in your life, but having Linda as a Career Coach kept the process focused and positive. She was well prepared for our meetings, had a specific agenda and made each session time well spent. My one big regret was that I spent the first six months thinking I could do it myself."

"A career search is really many parts – it’s tactical, it’s emotional, it’s focused, and it’s personal. You addressed all of those things with such a positive, engaging, and skillful manner that I knew very quickly that success was all but guaranteed – as you strive for that yourself and in turn push your clients to achieve it. Your process and diligence for facilitating a successful search was brilliant! We went down a set path together, yet one that you were flexible with and catered to me specifically, and the results were quantifiable each step of the way."