Our Assessment

Our Assessment
What was your last annual salary?
How long have you been in job search?
How much of your search time are you spending on job sites and/or on the internet?
I am satisfied with my current resume
If I apply to a position, and the option to submit a cover letter is available, I always submit one
If I research a company, I try and find the hiring manager or other influencer in the company
I remember where I've sent my resumes
I am spending the right amount of time on the right things
I spend a good amount of time networking, e.g. attending networking events, contacting people I know, former colleagues...
I have kept a record of recruiters and agencies I've communicated with in the past
How much money have you spent getting advice and critiques for your resumes, buying job board subscriptions and services that uncover hidden leads and blasting your resume?
Do you use social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms in your job search?
I have a consistent single statement about who I am, what my outstanding qualities are and what makes me unique and of potential value to a company
I know how I come across in an interview
What happens when you are asked what your strengths are?
What do you usually say if you are asked about salary in the first interview?
I am prepared with questions about the job and company
When the interview is over, I generally thank the interviewer, summarize what I can bring to the job, offer to provide more information if needed, ask what the next steps are, and specifically when I can follow up
After the interview I follow up
If I am lucky enough to get an offer, I am well-equipped to negotiate salary, benefits special needs (relocation, etc.), and a severance package to my satisfaction
How do you feel about your job search so far?