The owner and Certified Executive Career Coach of My Executive Career Coach, LLC,

Linda M. Van Valkenburgh, facilitates monthly structured senior executive networking meetings.






Senior Executive Round Table (SERT)

3rd Wednesday each month

See website for exceptions.

No JULY Meetings

6:00 to 9:00pm

Join the Zoom link as early as   5:50pm

Via Zoom

The Zoom link is sent via Eventbrite once you have registered

The meeting provides executives with a platform to exchange information, including leads, contacts, opportunities, and market intelligence. It also serves as a forum to address market challenges, propose solutions, and deliberate on career development strategies and plans.

  • The meeting begins with informal networking – so the group may meet and greet.
  • The session then moves to structured networking.
  • During this time, all attendees will have the opportunity to acquire new leads, contacts, or opportunities.
  • To facilitate this, each attendee is required to complete a one-page Overview Sheet (a sample is provided once you register).
  • The Overview Sheet should include personal contact information, a Value Proposition, selected achievements, a list of targeted companies, and details of what you are offering the group.
  • It is essential to email this sheet to Linda at least 24 hours prior to the meeting to allow her to prepare the documents for screen sharing.

Meeting Logistics:

The meeting starts promptly at 6:00 but please log on by 5:50 to work out any technical difficulties.

The meeting begins with friendly unstructured networking.

During the Structured Networking session, each participant will have the opportunity to present themselves for two minutes. This includes sharing their industry, function/title, and years of experience, as well as describing what they are currently seeking in terms of company size, industry, and function. Participants can then ask the group for assistance or feedback on topics of their choice, such as specific industries or companies, transitioning to a new field, helpful recruiters, or contacts they may need.

Then the floor opens for three-minutes where the focus will be on addressing your concerns, questions, and seeking assistance from the group. During this time, participants may also provide additional feedback and suggestions that come to mind.

In Summary, you will need:

  1. Overview Sheet: The one-page document containing your personal contact information, Value Proposition, selected achievements, a list of targeted companies, and what you are offering the group. (Download sample on Eventbrite).
  2. Prepared to say your 1-Minute Succinct Summary: Craft a concise summary, also known as a Value Proposition or Branding Statement, that highlights your role, skill set, and notable results.
  3. Articulation of the help you are seeking: Be prepared to articulate in one minute the specific assistance you are seeking, such as business solutions, contacts, or any other support you require.
  4. Openness to Feedback: Maintain an open mindset and be receptive to the feedback provided by others during the session.
  5. Willingness to Share Information: Demonstrate a willingness to share any relevant information or insights you possess that may be helpful to others when participating in their feedback.

By preparing these items in advance, you can actively contribute to the meeting and make the most out of the networking opportunities.