By Linda Van Valkenburgh

The release of the movie “The Social Network” has brought Facebook, one of the most popular social networking sites, to the forefront.  I wonder if the creators of Facebook ever realized the impact that their creation would have in the world of career search! While they sat in their dorm at Harvard University, I think that this was the furthest use from their minds!

It is very important if you are in search, to let your Facebook network know it so that they can keep their eyes and ears open.  Unlike Twitter, you are not limited to a small number of characters to communicate. Post things about your job search and other relevant information. Make sure that you watch your privacy settings to control who sees what you have displayed on your page. On Facebook, you can search on the names of whatever profession or industry you desire to follow to keep abreast of industry or professional trends. Up in the search-box on the left-hand side, you can put in varying search terms such as “career search” to come up with websites and groups and other relevant information. Post appropriate photos and include things that will help to foster your “brand.”  Link to blog posts that you have written, charity groups and events that you are involved with and other things that support your personal, employment and professional aspirations.

Use Facebook to tell your friends that you are in the job market and are looking for connections to certain companies. There are numerous stories of people who received job information in this manner, started relationships with the contacts they were referred to and, when a position opened up, were tapped for the position. In addition, if you are having trouble accessing the hiring decision-maker in a certain firm, put the word out on Facebook to ask for an introduction that might be able to help. Some people have been creative and taken advantage of special paid advertising offers on Facebook.

As you can see over the last several postings, social media is a force to be utilized to your advantage as part of a comprehensive career campaign.  Put yourself out there with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and see what happens.  Mix it up and let me know about your success by leaving me a comment please. I look forward to hearing from you.