By Linda Van Valkenburgh

Yesterday, the Associated Press reported that the service sector is growing and that companies are hiring. Of course they have to throw a negative on at the end to try to dash everyone’s hopes by saying that there will not be any real change until employers start hiring at a faster rate. What does that mean for you? It means forge ahead full steam and keep your eye on your strategic career campaign. There are several things to be doing while you are devoting yourself to transitioning to a new position.

1. Keeping up with your core competencies is of the utmost importance so that you are well versed in the technical aspect of your subject matter. This will enable you to speak with ease and passion during an interview.

2. Staying abreast of the latest Internet platforms that relate to your business, and the way that business does business, is a key component to coming off sounding like you have kept up with the working world. This will allow you to drop the names of the areas that you post in or follow to show that you are current in your knowledge of how to get out the prospective company’s message, among other things.

3. Network! Network! Network! – I know that you are sick of hearing this especially if you find networking difficult. Think about this when you network and perhaps it will help you embrace it rather than struggle with it. You never know whom you are speaking with that can make a difference in your career campaign and who you can affect in a positive manner. Through networking you have the opportunity to keep reaching people that ultimately may be able to offer you constructive information to help propel you in your career search. There is an old saying that says “Change your place, change your luck.” If you do not change your place and reach out to people to start and maintain a dialogue, it will not miraculously happen out of thin air. You must do it!!!!!

4. Under the best of circumstances, a career campaign is a challenge. During this Great Recession, it is an attempt at a miracle some clients believe. To help you get back and reinforce your confidence, sit down and think about all of the successes you have had over the course of your career. You did some amazing things to help make a difference in your workplace. Close your eyes and feel the confidence you had achieving your goals. Now store it in your brain and think about it whenever you feel your levels dropping. It is very normal in a Great Recession to have your confidence take a beating. Armed with this knowledge, hold on to your confidence and bring up these images before stepping into an interview. Presenting a confident demeanor is a very important part of the package you are presenting to the recruiter and hiring decision maker. You can be the greatest technician, but if you don’t seem like you have the confidence to get the job done, they will move on to the next candidate. Don’t let that happen. Feel the confident feeling that you had previously. Hold on to it to present your best side to the employer!