By Linda Van Valkenburgh
As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, the television commercials advertising extended hours and crazy sales starting at midnight are intensifying. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday sponsored by American Express and CyberMonday are heralding in the holiday shopping season. We are off to the races for Holiday Season 2010.  For those people in career transition as well as those of you who are very seasoned business people, keep in mind that the holiday season offers you a unique opportunity to connect with family and friends and catch up about what is happening in their lives as well as your own.

What does this mean from a career standpoint?  This is a wonderful opportunity to network.  My standard slogan when I work with clients includes the only double negative that I use, “You will never not network again.”  I say this because it is true and savvy people understand this and seize every opportunity to use and refine this skill. As you speak on the telephone post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter and gather together in holiday celebrations, remember to take time to really connect with friends and family and find out what is happening in their lives. Make notes as soon as possible to have follow-up fodder leading to further interactions.  In this way, you will be able to find out information about things they like, ways to help them solve problems and other relevant things. Also, share what is happening with you and your efforts about career search. These efforts can help you become more engaged and add to the enjoyment of your holidays and lead to increased strength in your family and friendship bonds.  You may find that people you were not as close to are now people you spend an increased amount of time interacting with from a personal as well as business standpoint for as your life has changed, their lives may have changed, too, bringing new experiences to your relationships.

Every Success and Best Wishes to you and your families for a very Happy Thanksgiving Day and Holiday Season.