By Linda Van Valkenburgh, MS, CCMC, CJSS

The spring holidays of Passover and Easter have a theme of renewal woven into the fabric of their celebrations.  Springtime is a time for the awakening of the earth with trees budding and flowers starting to bloom.  As I gaze upon the bouquets of tulips in flower shops around town, I am reminded how many people come to a point in their search where they feel a sense of stagnancy and frustration.  If you find that you are having these feelings, please understand that they are normal and use this time to work on getting yourself back on track.

Forget about what happened or hasn’t happened and start over.  Create a brand new tracking sheet to follow up on all of the things that you have done so far.  Sometimes this can help clear out the cobwebs.  Try to think of new strategies and tactics to use for networking and having one-on-one meetings to gain insight into what is happening on the job front.  I have a client who recently discovered that a good friend has some contacts that could prove helpful.  She discussed her job search with this friend in a different way and all of a sudden there are new people that she may meet. Give yourself a pep talk that includes the fact that you will get a job with lots of perseverance and creativity.  You are one step closer each time you do something.  Getting out and about and taking different actions provides you with exposure to potential opportunities.  Keep in touch with people and as they transition, you may find out about other possibilities in terms of agencies or job fairs.  Keep up with your LinkedIn profile and the groups that you have joined.  Ask questions or provide answers in your groups to gain valuable information and become noticed by those in your area of expertise or interest. Go to Twitter and facebook and see what is happening with companies that you are interested in for information about positions that may be open.  Check out company websites directly to submit applications. 

Know that I am having clients transition and you will do it one day as well if you get back into the game with a renewed sense of determination.  It is like they say about the lottery, “You’ve got to be in it to win it!”  Happy Holidays to you and your families. Please leave me a comment and let me know if this helped. I wish you every success.   Let’s get to work!