Interview Package


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Interview Program Highlights include:

  • Validation Stories – to be repurposed for Interview technique
  • Value Proposition – your BRANDING statement
  • Compensation Worksheet (to keep the emotion out of the Offer Letter response)
  • Dissection of an Interview – know all of the moving parts and what you are to accomplish at each juncture 
  • Interview Preparation Materials – make your “study” time efficient and effective
  • Mock Video Interview
  • Closing Meetings – Seal the meeting!
  • Follow Up / Follow Through
  • Reference Coaching – so your references know how to best help you!

Improve your Interview Strategy Approach with an array of tools and tactics.

This 5 hour course will focus on identification of skills and strengths; create a value proposition; understand and prepare for the interview process and follow up and follow through!

Total investment in career transition and marketing services:

  • 5 hour program 
  • Includes Mock Video & Flash Drive