This past November, Linda Van Valkenburgh was a keynote speaker and presenter at the 2015 Career Development Institute in Cardiff, Wales. She addressed over 200 UK career professionals during her time there.

During her keynote, Linda spoke about working with C-Suite and executive clients that centers around their dynamic expectations. She spoke about how clients learn  to create their array of career campaign materials; use social media to their advantage; polish and constantly modify CV’s; utilize networking events “to give and to get”; create target lists that inspire and motivate; interview with conviction; and close the deal by demonstrating solution.

Linda spoke about expanding career coaching businesses with networking during her workshop presentation. She explained that there is a way to develop and conduct extraordinary networking events that benefit job seekers (your potential clients) and your existing clients. She taught them about a sustainable business model that has provided a steady stream of potential clients for a US executive coaching business for over ten years; provided the networking attendees a generous forum to exchange ideas, leads, contacts, opportunities, and market intelligence; provided an additional source of monthly business income; and generated an invaluable system of linking past and present networkers.