Executive and C-level personnel positions are not often presented via job boards or traditional postings.

Finding employment for these high-level jobs takes perseverance and creativity. I know you have those two traits! Also, a little social fun and networking will go a long way too!

Read on to discover the top three channels executives use to find new job opportunities.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the penultimate online professional networking tool, is this decade’s best channel for executive job seekers. LinkedIn provides a convenient platform for showcasing your skills and expertise, join groups of like-minded professionals and actively engaging in relevant conversations where you may learn from others and share your expert knowledge.

If you haven’t already created your LinkedIn profile, take some time to set it up properly. You can read my “how to” for LinkedIn here for tips on appropriate headshots, resume writing, “connections” building, and interacting on LinkedIn. Avoid common mistakes by researching and implementing best practices for getting in touch with acquaintances, leveraging group forums, and liking company posts. There are even workshops where you may attend to get hands-on advice for your specific profile and job search goals.

LinkedIn is a powerful agent to aid in job searches and professional relationships. Many executives have successfully used it to gain inside promotions not otherwise advertised. You can be one of them!

2. Recruiters

Many companies rely on the expert knowledge of recruiters to find the best candidates for positions, rather than posting publicly on job boards.

Recruiters use a variety of methods to find their key targets for particular positions. Some of these methods are online and others are more conventional. Making acquaintances with recruiters is a viable channel to finding new executive job opportunities. Meet them through LinkedIn or other social networks, or join a membership organization to connect job seekers with recruiters in your field.

Before introducing yourself to a recruiter, be sure you have prepared yourself. A resume is a good starting point, but it doesn’t end there. Develop a nicely done portfolio showcasing your accomplishments and creativity. Executive positions are less about functional skills than they are about leadership abilities, solution finding, and vision. A portfolio is a visual way to present your determination, hard work, and resourcefulness.

Once you develop a relationship with a recruiter, keep the communication lines open and honest. Share updates about your job search and return phone calls or emails without delay.

For more information on finding employment with recruiters, please consult my blog post, “7 ways to finding your next job with a recruiter”.

3. Networking Events

Networking is one of the most effective – if not the most effective – way to find new job opportunities. Networking events are designed to facilitate the daunting prospect of meeting many new people in an effective, structured way that is guaranteed to supplement, and often improve, your job search. Attending meetings, conferences, and fundraisers in your area of expertise are just a few of the types of events that may help you leverage a new opportunity.

The first step is finding out about such events. Sign-up for email newsletters and social media updates with the companies and organizations you’re interested in working with. Also check local publications for advertisements about gala fundraisers and other social events.

Before attending sponsored events, do some reconnaissance to find out which of your peers and connections will also be attending. Perhaps even invite some of them to join you as a guest. Once you have an idea of who is going, make a mental checklist of talking points. One important conversation piece will be tactfully sharing that you are on the job search.

If you hear of a potential job opportunity while at a social event, don’t get overly excited or request too many details on the spot. Instead, follow up in a few days for more information about the organization or qualifications. Positions at the executive level must be approached more carefully than others. An over-zealous spirit may portray you as desperate rather than professional.

Promote yourself with style and grace as you search for new job opportunities. CLICK HERE for a file on the suggestions I give to my networkers before attending My Executive Career Coach/ Execunet Executive Networking Events.

Parting Thought

Being positive can go a long way to landing the job you deserve.  It can lead to a healthy mindset and to your future success!

Be energetic, uplifting, and motivated with the activities above and you’ll be on your way to a great new position.

Let’s get to work!

– Linda

If you have questions about your executive job search, please contact me at 203-323-9977 or [email protected].